My Top 10 guilt-free snack list

Having healthy snacks to hand is a must when you’re gluten or dairy free or following an eating plan such as paleo, otherwise you leave yourself open to risk if you need to eat on the go, making bad food choices through desperation from either limited choice or extreme hunger.

I’ve now got pretty good at packing a ‘goodie’ box in my bag normally consisting some of the foods listed below. Tupperware is my best friend.

My top 10 is made of snacks that are an alternative to the standard apple or banana and are rated on the following criteria:

  • Easy to make
  • Easy to source
  • Easy transportation
  • Taste and flavour.

1. Biltong

Biltong is the perfect high protein snack, I love everything about it – flavour, texture and am really glad it’s now readily available. Just pay attention to the ingredients as cheaper brands add sugar and MSG sometimes. When in London I always visit The Savanna (South African shop) and buy it fresh. Alternatively I like the Men’s Health Beef Jerky which is available in all supermarkets priced between £2/3.00. It’s not a cheap snack so I buy it as a treat now and then. Also be aware some brands can be loaded with chilli and blow your head off!

Men's Health Beef Jerky
Men’s Health Beef Jerky

2. Dried Mango

Dried mango is the perfect on the go snack which is sold nearly everywhere, even coffee shops like Costa. Don’t eat too much though as it does contain fruit sugar and can cause gas in some people.

3. Oat cakes

Oat cakes are so versatile as they can be a sweet or savoury snack depending on your topping choice. My favourite combinations are oat cakes with homemade jam, honey or nut butter.

Oat Cakes with homemade jam
Oat Cakes with homemade jam

4. Celery with almond butter

Probably the easiest and quickest. Celery + almond butter smothered over it – bosh! Not very transportable but great if you’re at home.

5. Fresh blueberries and strawberries

Not much of a sell needed here. Blueberries are a superfood packed full of nutrients and like strawberries can be purchased everywhere. Downside is the cost, however, my rule with strawberries is always by British and organic, there’s nothing worse than a juicy looking strawberry having zero flavour.

6. Homemade protein balls

Protein balls are really easy to make (require no cooking) and can be eaten on the fly. If you look on the Internet there are hundreds of recipes but the general rule is to combine a nut butter with something sticky like dried dates, apricots or ripe banana. You can then add pretty much anything, more nuts, chia seeds, dried fruit, cocoa nibs or coconut. I’ve heard of people taking them on long runs to use as a power boost to replace energy gels but as yet can’t work out how they transport them without them getting squashed all over their clothes!!! If you know, do tell me.

A great recipe idea:

Chia protein balls
Chia protein balls

7. Tesco crunchy Beetroot slices

Beetroot is one of the newer superfoods which is packed full of vitamins, helps athletic performance and stamina, and is reported to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. 

Tesco's oven dried beetroot slices
Tesco’s oven dried beetroot slices

8. Toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Toasting them is not to be underestimated… Seeds are great eaten raw but they lack flavour, however, toast them in a pan for about a minute and they transform beyond belief. The taste is a mixture of intense nut and popcorn. Great sprinkled on salad too.

9. Raw chocolate squares

My chocolate squares taste amazing and the danger is you can over eat these beauties, however a word of caution… exercise restraint as the high oil content can give you a tummy upset. Another downside is they don’t travel well as they melt very quickly so need to be refrigerated at all times.

Here’s my recipe

Chocolate squares
Raw chocolate squares

10. Boiled eggs

Eggs in any form are a fabulous protein boost, however, a boiled egg makes an excellent snack. Easy to prepare and they travel well. Only downside is the smell so be in a well ventilated room otherwise fellow human beings near by won’t thank you.


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